DS Aviation Fuel company sources fuel from reputable international markets. The fuel is the transported by approved and certified vessels mostly from the Middle-East countries.

The fuel before being purchased as to meet the JIG 3 standards and the international standards for JET A1.

Once the fuel arrives at the port in Bosaso its transported by dedicated trucks to the terminal where its offloaded and stored in dedicated tanks for JET A1

The fuel is then offloaded and recertified by a Locals SGS laboratories located at DS Aviation Terminal in Bosaso.

The fuel under goes control checks as stipulated in JIG 3 and its recertified on continuous basis including the stocks at the branches.

All the documentation is done and kept as per the required standards.

Quality and efficiency form the core values of DS Aviation as far as serving the customers or its clients are concern.

The DS Aviation Company is identified and recognized by international airlines operating in the region and able to attest the quality of fuel being supplied.

We have a enough storage and refueling capacity to meet the need s of regional JET A1 demand. We are looking to expand further and competite on Eastern African Platform.